Our Approach


At Hummingbird we believe that it is our duty to work across all of our operations in the most socially and environmentally responsible way possible. From Board level through to operational staff working on the ground, every Hummingbird employee understands and recognises the importance of working safely and respecting the environment and those communities in the countries we are privileged to work in.


Environment and Community

Hummingbird Resources is committed to undertaking its operations in an environmentally sustainable and socially responsible manner. To achieve this Hummingbird shall develop, implement and maintain comprehensive Environmental and Social Management Plans (ESMPs), at all stages of Project development from exploration through to mine closure. 

We are proud to say that we continue to be a major employer in Liberia and Mali, with over 90% of the company’s workforce as country nationals. Job creation and local content within our supply chains represents a significant economic impact to the local and national economies, and generating further local employment and local content opportunities will remain a priority focus area for Hummingbird.


Mali performance 2015-16

Community development: The Company supported 4 market gardens, 19 new handpumps, solar power to 3 rural health clinics, support to community teachers and nurses and community health initiatives.

Stakeholder engagement: Over 175 meetings held with local communities, authorities and other stakeholders.  Grievance mechanism revised and implemented. 

Local employment protocol developed with communities and commune authorities, now being implemented during construction phase with all contractors.

Environment key facts: no major environmental incidents. Over 150 water samples taken and analysed at internationally accredited labs from ground, surface and community water. Comprehensive monitoring network established for water, air and noise. 


Market Garden Project

The Yanfolila Project has supported the development of market gardens in the local area to provide alternative livelihoods for over 100 women. The market gardens are established with the support of local partners, with one year of support and assistance. The Project directly links to these market gardens, procuring fruit and vegetables throughout the year providing employees with fresh and nutritious produce, with positive spill over effects directly into our host communities.

Market Garden Project

As the Project enters construction these market gardens will be expanded and two new market gardens are proposed in the host communities building on the success of this venture. 


Safe Drinking Water Project

In 2015 HUM rehabilitated 19 handpumps and boreholes across the rural commune of Yallonkoro-Soloba, increasing access and distribution of access to safe drinking water.

Safe Water

During the construction and operations period the focus on provision of sustainable drinking water resources to host communities will continue with a number of projects identified to secure solar powered water systems that increase distribution of water points throughout the community and reduce the time spent collecting water. 

Health and Safety

All accidents are preventable, and we aim to achieve Zero Harm with every employee, contractor and visitor returning home safely every day. Only through effective management of health and safety will Hummingbird succeed in efficient and cost-effective development and production. 

Occupational Health and Safety Management Plans are developed for each and every operation reflecting local applicable laws and regulations, international best practice requirements, regular risk assessments, application of the mitigation hierarchy, and adaptive management processes that emphasis prevention and training to control risks.

Hummingbird requires its consultants, contractors, suppliers and subsidiaries to adopt the principles of the Group Occupational Health and Safety Policy and Project Management Plans as a minimum standard.

SHEC Governance

The Group has a standalone SHEC Committee dedicated to review and improvement of SHEC performance across all operations. The Committee is made up of:

  • David Hebditch, VP SHEC, Secretary of SHEC Committee
  • Kate Harcourt, Independent Advisor
  • Edward Bickham, Independent Advisor

The Committee meets quarterly and reports directly to the Board.